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Industrial - Unmanaged: BLUEBERRY BU-102 SERIES

Product Description

The Blueberry BU-102F1 Series - Unmanaged Industrial Media Converter with 1x10/100BASE-TX (RJ-45) +1xSFP

bm300The Blueberry BU-102F1 media converter allows you to extend Ethernet communication via optical fiber. It is a compact unit designed for industrial environments and offers a wide temperature range [-40°C..70°C]. Speed and duplex can easily be configured via DIP switches, if needed. The unit has 1 x 10/100BASE-TX (RJ-45) and 1 x 100BASE SFP cage which can be equipped with different pluggable fiber transceivers:

  • 100BASE-FX-MM, 100Mbps, multi-mode (1310nm) LC connector - 2km
  • 100BASE-FX-SM, 100Mbps, single-mode (1310nm) LC connector - 30km

Other SFPs including BIDI fiber transceivers for other fiber lengths are available on request. The unit further features dual redundant DC power inputs, DIN-Rail Mounting and comes in an IP30 Aluminum case



Key Features

The BLUEBERRY BU-Series offers unmanaged Ethernet switches for Industrial applications


The Blueberry BM-Series Industrial Ethernet switches support all relevant IEEE Ethernet standards.

Fiber Connections Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers for all types of multi-mode or single-mode optical fibers

Product Comparison

Blueberry BU-Series product comparison chart

Switches for DIN-rail mounting

 BU-102F1BU-103F1BU-106F2BU-108 BU-1200
10/100BASE-TX RJ45 1 2 48  
10/100/1000BASE-TX RJ-45        4
100BASE-FX SFP 1 1 2   
1000BASE--X SFP      1
1000BASE-COMBO SFP          

Product Versions

Unmanaged Industrial Media Converter with 1x10/100BASE-TX (RJ-45) +1xSFP and following options:

Article No.Product Description
BU-102F1-MM1 x 100BASE-FX-MM-2km (LC) SFP for multi-mode fiber (1310nm) < 2 km
BU-102F1-SM1 x 100BASE-FX-SM-30km (LC) SFP for single-mode fiber (1310nm) < 30 km

Fiber transceivers for other fiber lengths are available on request

Requests and orders can be sent to contact@ontimenet.com


Unmanaged Industrial Media Converter with 1x10/100BASE-TX (RJ-45) +1xSFP

BU-102 Key Features Documentation
  • 1 x 10/100BASE-TX (RJ-45)
  • 1 x 100BASE SFP port
  • Wide operating temperature: [-40°C..70°C]
  • Dual redundant DC power input
  • Supports LFP (Link Fault Pass through)
  • Dip switch settings for speed/duplex/LFP
  • IP30 housing
  • Mounting: DIN-Rail

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