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OnTime Networks, has significant technical expertise when it comes to rugged, time synchronized Ethernet switching and timing solutions. We utilize Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE1588 as the core technology to provide clock accuracy in the sub-microsecond range, making our products suitable for measurement and control systems. PTP is able to provide synchronization for sensors, measuring equipment, data acquisition units, network equipment and recorders. We support a variety of market segments, such as the aerospace, defense, energy and industrial markets. Ethernet-based communication networks are faster, more flexible and offer greater functionality than legacy, serial, low-speed communications systems currently used in most harsh environments.


OnTime is a leading supplier of highly engineered, complex commercial industrial products in a wide range of markets, including industrial automation and traffic systems. Our products include industrial switches, routers, Ethernet extenders, and accessories, such as small form factor pluggable fiber transceivers and Power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors.


OnTime is the leader for rugged time synchronized Ethernet solutions in the Aerospace industry. Our innovative products are unmatched with a reputation for excellence. We manufacture a series of highly reliable and rugged Gigabit Ethernet switches for airborne applications, including the CM-1600 Gigabit Ethernet switch, the market’s premier network backbone for Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI) applications.


OnTime designs and produces highly specialized Gigabit Ethernet products, which meet the rigorous needs of the defense industry. Our rugged systems are at the forefront of technology and are designed to deliver optimal performance in SWaP-C (Space/Weight/Power/Cost)-constrained applications. Our solutions can be found in Airborne, Ground and Naval Defense applications.

Remote Sensing

OnTime provides deterministic distributed real-time Ethernet network solutions for the Remote Sensing markets, such as for seismic offshore geological surveys. These data systems are mission critical and demand extreme reliability and availability.