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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Risk Assessment

As part of our risk assessment in relation to the potential impacts from the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have been in communication with our supply chain, where there might be a potential threat to deliveries.

We have written to our supply chain requesting that they update us with their own risk assessments and advise of any impact to current open and future purchases, in particular raw materials etc. Where raw materials are sourced from countries which are currently suffering the impact of quarantine measures, we have been advised by our supply chain so far not to panic buy as this will only serve to disproportionately inflate the supply chain and add further strain to the reduced workforce.

We have been advised in some cases of delays in shipping products and we are working with our supply chain to receive as up to date information as possible on a regular basis. If there is any impact to any current customer commitments, we will advise that customer on an individual basis as quickly as possible and will consider all other actions which could be put in place to resolve the potential delay

In regard to the potential future spread of the virus throughout Norway, we are evaluating our options in terms of contingency plans in the event that more cases are discovered. If the virus continues to spread, then we may have to cease all supplier and customer visits until the risk has passed and will instead look to engage with our customers in other ways. At present we are restricting unnecessary visits and are asking all visitors to confirm if they have themselves recently travelled or have been in contact with anyone who has recently travelled to countries, which are considered the biggest risk. Should the worst-case scenario arise we will keep you updated in terms of our own plans to manage our workforce to ensure there is as little disruption to our service levels as possible.

Best regards

Øyvind Holmeide

AVnu Alliance Adds AudioScience, beyerdynamic, and OnTime Networks

Beaverton, OR, March 27, 2012 – AVnu Alliance, an industry forum dedicated to bringing AVnu-certified interoperable AVB products to the market, has expanded with three new members. AudioScience, US-based manufacturer specializing in digital audio peripherals; beyerdynamic, German developer of conferencing systems, headphones, and microphones; and OnTime Networks AS, Scandinavian supplier of industrial data communication products, have joined more than 40 AVnu Alliance member companies that represent industries across automotive, pro A/V, and consumer electronics

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