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IEEE 1588

PTPv1 to PTPv2 Translation

  • Why PTP version translation?

The need for PTP version translation is driven by the fact that PTPV1 (IEEE 1588 2002) is not backward compatible with PTPv2 (IEEE 1588 2008). Both PTP versions cannot co-exist in the same network unless a PTP version translator is used.

Ref to paper PTPv1 and PTPv2 translation in FTI systems

  • Cost efficient

The PTP version translation feature protects your PTPv1 investments. You can use your legacy PTPv1 equipment together with your new PTPv2 equipment by using the PTP version translator of OnTime Networks.

  • Save Time

No need to upgrade or change configuration of old PTPv1 equipment

Example of a PTP network with PTPv1 and PTPv2